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Motorcycling is now more popular than ever. The growth in motorcycle registration and licences is more pronounced than other transport modes. Motorcycle registrations since 2006 have increased by 41 per cent in comparison to passenger vehicle registrations and the number of motorcycle licences issued has increased by 17 per cent. Unfortunately motorcycle serious injury has also increased from 4 in 2015 to 8 in 2019 in the Albury Local Government Area.

Saving motorcycle riders' lives and preventing injuries in our region is a critical road safety challenge for AlburyCity.

By choosing a safe helmet and appropriate riding gear, motorcyclists can ensure they have the best protection, while regular bike maintenance helps keep motorcycles in a safe condition for riding.

Things to check include:

  • Tyre pressure and tread
  • Fluid levels in engine, coolant and brakes
  • Nut and bolt tightness
  • Lights, indicators and horn
  • Brake pads
  • Chain and sprockets
  • Suspension

Maintaining a three-second gap, scanning the road and setting up are some of the riding tips that can help motorcyclists avoid danger. Riders need to be aware that speed, alcohol and fatigue can all increase the risk of having a crash and being injured.

For more information on motorcycle safety visit Transport NSW