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Driver fatigue is one of the top three contributors to crashes in New South Wales.

Fatigue can be as dangerous as other road safety issues, such as drink driving and speeding. Drivers of all ages get tired – even the young and fit - and you may not even be aware that fatigue is eroding your driving skills.

Sleep is the only cure for tiredness.

It's up to motorists to be aware of the signs of fatigue:

  • Plan ahead to ensure you are not tired before you hit the road.
  • Take regular breaks.
  • Swap drivers if you can, particularly on long drives.

Remember, fatigue-related crashes can happen on any trip no matter how long or short or what time of day. It's important to think about how tired you are before driving, recognise the early warning signs when driving and know what to do to avoid driving tired.

Test your tired self here.