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Development Control Complaints

If you're being impacted by construction relating to noise, stormwater and sediment run-off or illegal building works, get in touch with us.

Although we support the development and growth of our city, we understand in doing so it can have an impact on neighbours and those who live nearby. This can cause concerns or inconvenience.

That’s why builders and developers are required to undertake preventative measures to minimise impacts when undertaking construction works. These measures are detailed in their development consent as a condition.

We rely on our community to get in touch with us in relation to development consent breaches and illegal works so we can investigate. These can relate to such things as:

Illegal building works

  • Using premises without consent from council
  • Carrying out works without the correct approvals
  • Not complying with a development consent
  • Not complying with a building approval
  • Not complying with environmental conditions
  • Let us know

    To report a possible development consent breach or illegal building works, please get in touch on 02 6023 8111 or email us so we can investigate.

    Investigation process

    When we investigate a complaint, we consider the following information:

    • Evidence from the person who made the complaint
    • The person or business responsible for the works being complained about
    • Other evidence such as photos from the site inspection
    • The circumstances of the individual case and the public policy it relates to
    • Any precedents (similar cases we’ve previously dealt with)
    • The cost to the community of any action

    It’s a criminal offence to breach building, environmental and planning laws, penalties can include:

    • Stop work notices, enforcement notices and other notices or orders
    • Prosecution for criminal offences
    • Fines
    • Court orders to remedy serious breaches
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