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Working together on flood response

Thursday 17 November 2022

It's been a challenging time for many in our community who have been impacted by high-intensity storm and rainfall events, coupled with significant Murray River water levels.

We’re working closely with the SES, VRA, MDBA, and other agencies to ensure a coordinated response to keep our community safe.

In the last month alone we’ve received over 500 customer requests for assistance, which our teams have been working through as quickly as possible, whilst prioritising those most in need.

Sadly, some homes across our community have been impacted, and our hearts go out to those residents. You can be sure that we’ll continue to work with you, and support you in any way we can.

Our primary focus has been on clearing fallen trees and debris, unblocking drains, fixing damage to our open channel network, patching potholes and closing flooded roads, and supporting the SES as the lead response agency.

The Murray River levels have peaked at over 5 metres which is comparable to levels back in the 1970’s. Pleasingly, the South Albury Flood Levee has been performing as expected, keeping much of the water from the Murray River at bay.

We also have strategically located pumps across our city, particularly in South Albury where a lot of the stormwater flows to due to the topography of our city. These pumps have been operated as required to remove the excess storm water.

During heavy rainfall events our stormwater systems fill up very quickly and water pools on the road, which is intended so that it doesn’t enter residences. In these events, please adhere to any directions and signage in impacted areas, limit travel, and remember the simple message - 'If it's Flooded, Forget It'.

I urge the community to make sure they are well-prepared with a Home Emergency Plan, which can be completed on the SES website.

A huge thank you to our community and local response agencies who with the strong support of our AlburyCity teams, are doing a magnificent job in supporting each other during this time, and remember, the NSW SES should be contacted for emergency flood assistance on 132 500, and if the situation is life-threatening call 000.

If your property is inundated by stormwater run off, you notice blocked drains, see fallen trees, or experience localised flooding, contact AlburyCity on 6023 8111 or

For more information, visit the AlburyCity website and stay safe everyone.

Frank Zaknich
AlburyCity CEO