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On the road to growth

Thursday 7 November 2019

An important step forward has been taken towards developing critical infrastructure for the growth of Thurgoona, thanks to support from the NSW Government.

A $5.7M low interest loan from the Government will help us to deliver the first stage of the Thurgoona Link Road between Elizabeth Mitchell Drive and Wignell Road, with the work scheduled for completion in mid-2021.

The interest on the loan would normally amount to $850,000 but through the government’s Low Cost Loans Initiative, a 50 per cent rebate will halve the interest component of the loan to $425,000. That’s a significant saving to our community as we work together to deliver the network of roads and other infrastructure needed to meet the rapid growth of Thurgoona-Wirlinga in the decades ahead.

This new section of link road will enable access to hundreds of homes for local families while also helping to reduce traffic congestion in the area.

Apart from construction costs, the loan will also support land acquisition, and environmental and heritage studies to enable the project to proceed.

One of the great aspects of funding such important long term projects through low-interest loans is that they provide inter-generational equity – or, more simply, a streamlined ‘user pays’ system in which the community that will use the new assets helps to pay them off once they’re developed.

That way, rather than paying now for infrastructure that’s yet to be built, our community will repay a loan at low-cost while getting to use the new connector road and enjoying improved traffic flow.

Of course, this stage of work is just one step in a suite of projects that will provide the foundations for Thurgoona-Wirlinga’s population to grow by about 50,000 within 50 years.

We’ve already completed five stages in the reconstruction of Kerr Road which will create a link through to Thurgoona Drive. Stage six of this project – a duplicated roundabout at the intersection of Kerr Road and Thurgoona Drive - has gone out to tender, with work to begin in summer.

It’s all part of a five-year project to build the road network and associated services that our growing community will need.

In coming stages, Elizabeth Mitchell Drive will be extended north to link up with Davey Road, providing smooth connections for traffic and easing congestion as demand increases.

Also, as part of our long term planning for the city’s eastern precinct, we’re continuing to work with the community on our Borella Road/Riverina Highway strategy that will ensure services and infrastructure are in place to meet the demand of our city of the future.

In the shorter term, it’s very exciting to soon begin work on the link road from Elizabeth Mitchell Drive with the assistance of the government’s low interest loan. As one of only five NSW Councils to share in the $113.4 M loans package, we’re grateful to the government for supporting our vision for the city’s growth.

All of this planning has been extensively guided by the community through have a say processes, information drop-in sessions and other conversations, and the feedback we’ve gained has been invaluable as we work towards shaping an exciting future for Albury and surrounds.

We’d like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who’s helped to develop these strategies and we’re looking forward to continuing our work together as our city continues to grow and thrive.