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Link Road assessments to drive us into the future

Thursday 8 October 2020
An important step has been taken as we continue to develop the transport infrastructure that will meet the needs of our rapidly-growing city in the decades to come, with environment and heritage assessments for the Thurgoona Link Road project set to begin.

The link road forms the core of infrastructure planning to deliver the transport needs of Thurgoona-Wirlinga as it continues to grow towards an estimated 50,000 people over 50 years. It will become the major link connecting the Hume Freeway at Davey Road to the north, while a link from Elizabeth Mitchell Drive to Kerr Road will provide east-west access, helping to ensure smoother traffic flow through the growth area and easing congestion in residential neighbourhoods.

With phase one to be developed in five stages over five years, it will underpin the area’s growth and help to ensure traffic flows smoothly as new homes and services are built in the years ahead.

In the long term, it will create a 40-metre wide corridor (including utilities, and bike and pedestrian paths) along a route that is mostly owned by Council.

One of the charms of Thurgoona is its natural wood and grassland environment so it’s important that we balance the need for such a major development with a requirement to protect our flora and fauna, as well as local heritage values.

For this reason, Council has engaged ecology and cultural heritage consultants to assess the impact of the development and investigate ways of offsetting those impacts to best protect environmental values and maintain the area’s natural attractions.

Some of the many mitigation measures that might be adopted include:

  • Avoiding vegetation clearing and construction in wet areas at certain times of the year
  • Revegetating with locally indigenous trees and shrubs
  • Creating new habitats where possible, and
  • Retaining hollow-bearing trees and installing nest boxes

These and other potential options will be further developed with input from the community.

Public consultation began with community feedback on the development of the Thurgoona Wirlinga Structure Plan that set the framework for the link road project, and that consultation is continuing as the link road project develops.

This month, the Commonwealth Government will accept submissions in relation to the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act. To have your say, visit this site.

In mid-2021, following the completion of detailed reports, we’ll provide further details about community consultation processes but in the meantime, you can visit our Thurgoona Link Road project page and click the “Subscribe” button to receive regular updates.

We’re grateful to everyone who’s helped to develop this project so far and look forward to receiving that further feedback as this very important project takes place.

With your help, we’re looking forward to developing new generation infrastructure that not only delivers a road network that will underpin our city’s growth but also ensures the environmental and heritage values that make our city special will be protected and enhanced for future generations to enjoy.