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Keeping safe in our local waterways

Wednesday 19 October 2022

Council’s recently released Inland Waterways Drowning Prevention Strategy highlights our community's priorities for inland water safety, and defines clear actions to to help our whole community to better manage the risk associated with using the water in our region.

We'd like to thank all those involved in the development of the strategy, including members of the community, community leaders, local agencies and other key stakeholders.

The draft strategy focuses on providing important tools to help us all be safer when using our waterways, but also upskilling our community through targeted education programs.

This could include implementing emergency help points, improved signage, designated swimming zones, rescue and resuscitation training programs, education programs targeting our cultural and linguistically diverse (CALD) communities, and much more.

Whilst Council has led the development of the strategy, everyone in our community has a role to play to bring the actions to life. Various agencies and stakeholders will take carriage of the actions in the strategy, so we are all working together towards a common goal - to achieve a future free from drowning.

Most importantly, there are ways you can take steps to keep safe when using the water, whether it be individually, as part of a community group or with your friends and family. This could mean taking closer notice of safety signs, avoiding swimming alone or in isolated areas, and speaking up if you see someone making poor decisions.

I'd encourage everyone in our community to take a look at the draft strategy to make sure we've captured your priorities when it comes to water safety, and make sure you're across what you can do to keep safe this summer.

The draft Inland Waterways Drowning Prevention Strategy is available for community feedback on the AlburyCity website.