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Join us on journey into Albury's future

Thursday 24 June 2021
We’re seeking your feedback on a new Community Strategic Plan (CSP) that will act as a road map for our city’s future, taking us from where we are now to 2050 and beyond.

The new CSP builds upon our existing blueprint for the future, Albury 2030, and aims to find a path into the future that is developed and guided by our community.

Importantly, Albury 2050 is not just a Council plan – like Albury 2030, it is in fact devised for the community, by the community. While Council will play a leading role in facilitating and delivering some of the aspirations in the plan, others will be driven by individuals, groups and government agencies – all with the aim of ensuring a whole-of-community approach to developing the Albury of the future.

Essentially, this CSP delves into how we as a community see our future and how we can all work together to deliver it.

The document addresses four questions:

*Where are we now?
*Where do we want to be in the future (2050)?
*How will we get there?
*How will we know when we’ve arrived?

Our existing CSP, Albury 2030, was devised after extensive consultation with people from right across our community. It is driven by four themes – what our community sees as the bottom line for our present and future – A Growing Economy, An Enhanced Natural Environment, A Caring Community, and A Leading Community.

These themes will underpin discussions on the formation of Albury 2050 with the community once again asked to further develop these themes while also contributing and adapting to change over the coming decades.

We’ve started the development of Albury 2050 with a ‘Have Your Say’ process, which includes a detailed survey that we’re asking community members to complete.

Great ideas sometimes start from small beginnings and we’re really looking forward to hearing the hopes, dreams, and ideas of our community so we can work together to make at least some of them a reality within 30 years or less.

It’s also about the bigger picture and we’re asking community members to meet the challenge by ‘thinking big’. We want to hear your ideas so please visit our Have Your Say page, fill out the survey, share your feedback via the interactive map, or click the box in the top right corner to simply tell us your big idea toward 2050.

This really is a road trip into the future, and the document is the map that will not only define the destination but also get us there.

It’s not about Council dictating how our city will look and function in 2050 but how we can co-ordinate the wishes of our community to prepare a blueprint for the journey and a detailed understanding of how to make it happen.

No views are too big or too small and every member of our community can have a role to play. So please do take a moment to visit our Albury 2050 web page, have your say and play a part in designing the city and community you want for yourself, your children, and your grandchildren.

Public participation and feedback have already helped to deliver an Albury that’s a great place to live, work, and invest - and by continuing that work together, we can all look forward to creating a vision that will build upon and enhance the strategy that will guide us into an even brighter future.