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Growth milestone reached as council plans for future

Thursday 15 April 2021
An important statistical milestone has ticked over as we continue to work together to deliver the services and infrastructure to meet the needs of our steadily growing community.

New figures from the Australia Bureau of Statistics’ Estimated Resident Population (ERP) data shows AlburyCity’s population reached 55,055 at the end of June last year. That represents significant growth of 1.31 per cent over the previous 12 months.

Interestingly, our neighbour and Two Cities One Community partner, Wodonga, also recorded strong growth in the ERP data, with the city’s population expanding by 1.4 per cent to 42,662 over the same period.

To put those figures into context, the overall population growth for regional NSW was 0.83 per cent – showing that Albury and Wodonga together are growing at a relatively strong but sustainable rate.

Although the ERP data will be subject to review after the release of the next Census figures, the ERP numbers provide a higher level of accuracy, meaning we have a reliable guide to help us plan the services and facilities needed to support our continuing growth.

The figures also reinforce our targets for Thurgoona-Wirlinga, which is a key focus of our efforts to plan and deliver the community of the future.

The June ERP data showed that the population of Thurgoona-Wirlinga has passed 10,000, putting it on track to meet our forecast of a community set to grow to 50,000 people over 50 years.

Of course, growth does not happen by accident. Guided by our Thurgoona-Wirlinga Precinct Structure Plan, we’re pressing ahead with major works to deliver the infrastructure the residents of the future will need.

The redevelopment of the Elizabeth Mitchell Drive/Thurgoona Drive intersection is in its final stages and its completion at the end of this month will finalise the transformation of the old roundabout into a modern signalised intersection that will safely and efficiently channel residential and business traffic through the busy area.

The intersection work ties in with the Thurgoona Link Roads Project which will provide the major connection between the growth area and greater Albury by transferring traffic north on to the Hume Freeway and creating an east-west connection.

Commencing next year, the link road project is a long-term strategy to be delivered in stages. It’s crucial to our planning for population growth and – in conjunction with our other major roads project – will provide the transport networks that will ensure traffic flows smoothly as demand continues to grow.

Much of the work to prepare Thurgoona for growth is literally being done underground, with major water and sewer projects taking shape, with more to come, while we’re also improving parks and other public spaces.

Population growth goes hand-in-hand with employment growth which is why we’re working hard to attract new industries, grow our visitor economy and protect our natural environment. One of the key drivers of employment growth in Albury is the Nexus Industrial Precinct where 9,400 jobs will be created over the next 30 years.

We’re already starting to see the benefits of investment at Nexus. For example, the Circular Plastics recycling plant at the site is on track for competition in October and during the construction phase it has already generated many jobs (in March, there were 26 full time jobs at the site) with many more indirect employment opportunities flowing from that.

However, the best is yet to come for Nexus, thanks to the ongoing development of the Davey Road Interchange which will provide a northbound off-ramp and a southbound on-ramp from Nexus to the Hume Freeway, giving investors at the site more attractive logistics opportunities to reach markets across Australia and the world.

These are just some of the projects taking shape as we work together to achieve our growth potential. We’ve reached this point with amazing input from the community and valuable support from industry and governments to lay new foundations for a rapidly growing city.

Thank you to everyone for taking part in this journey and we look forward to continuing that collaboration as more and more people choose to make Albury their home in the decades ahead.