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Calling potential leaders! Help to shape our city

Thursday 20 June 2024

Leading a vibrant major regional city such as Albury, with its multicultural community, magnificent environment and significant economy, takes vision, commitment and strong governance.

Do you have a commitment to serve the Albury community and a desire to contribute to the growth and well-being of our wonderful city?

Under NSW legislation, eligible voters across the Albury community elect a new Council every four years. On 14 September this year, voters will head to the polls to elect a new councillor group to govern our city. The new councillors will then choose a new Mayor and Deputy Mayor.

Our Council will represent and make decisions to support the whole community. They will help shape the future of Albury from October 2024 until the next local government elections in 2028.

Are you interested in running for a seat on Albury City Council in the 2024 local government elections?

Serving as an AlburyCity councillor is a unique learning experience, enabling you to gain sights into local governance, policy formulation and community engagement.

Working alongside fellow councillors, community groups and other stakeholders creates opportunities to address important issues such as infrastructure and the environment, represent the interests of Albury’s diverse and growing population, promote financially and environmentally sustainable development, and shape our city’s strategic direction.

If you’re interested in running for a seat on Council, come along to a free Candidate Information Session being hosted by AlburyCity on Saturday 22 June (face-to-face) or Tuesday 23 July (online).

Attendance is a must-do for potential candidates. Learn about the NSW local government system. Hear about the role, services and functions of Council. Develop a greater understanding of the roles and responsibilities of the Mayor and councillors of AlburyCity, the role of the CEO, the expectations placed on councillors and information about how AlburyCity supports its councillors.

You will also learn more about the process for electing councillors and what happens if you are elected.

AlburyCity has a comprehensive and phased induction program designed to support our new councillor group and ensure they can meet the high demands of their role to effectively govern our city. More information is available at the Candidate Information Sessions or on the AlburyCity website.

If you’re interested in running for a seat on AlburyCity’s next council, I encourage you to visit the Elections 2024 page on the AlburyCity website and register for an information session.

Becoming a councillor is a great opportunity for you to play a central role in governing Albury and shaping our city’s future.

Frank Zaknich
AlburyCity CEO