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2022 in full swing

Thursday 3 February 2022
The start of this year was marked by numerous challenges. Despite extreme weather and COVID-19 crippling our region, our community spirit has helped us support one another during this time of need.

It’s hard to believe that 2021 is already well and truly behind us, and that 2022 is in full swing. And what an already challenging start to the year it has been, with the Omicron COVID strain impacting the way we live, and weather events like we’ve never seen before giving our city and region a real drenching – impacting on residents and businesses alike.

It’s during times like these that our community really stands up, extends a helping hand and looks after those in need. And acknowledging these impacts that’s exactly what our focus is here at AlburyCity is, to support our community during challenging times, whilst continuing to deliver the services you rely on every single day.

This would just not be possible without the skilled and dedicated people we have as members of our AlburyCity team, ably supported by our volunteer and contractor partners. Every single day our team are committed to ensuring that our community remains the best place to live, work and invest, and it really makes me proud to lead an organisation that has the best interests of our community embedded in its’ DNA.

Our people are our community, and many of our team have also been impacted by recent events. So, thank you for your patience and understanding and please join me in thanking them for the work they do to make our community a better place… every single day.