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Community to have further input into Noreuil Park plans

Wednesday 10 July 2024

AlburyCity Councillors have endorsed a stakeholder engagement plan to further engage with the community on the proposed redevelopment of the Noreuil Park foreshore.

The decision comes as part of the presentation of consultation results for the Draft Murray River Experience Master Plan review, which was widely promoted earlier this year.

It effectively separates the Noreuil Park redevelopment from the wider master plan, which presented high-level concept plans for eight sites along the foreshore of the Murray River and Lake Hume.

The consultation process gleaned 725 submissions, with most focusing on the draft concept plan for the Noreuil Park River Bank Rehabilitation.

Generally, the community expressed significant opposition to this concept, while feedback for other site plans was more supportive.

Albury Mayor, Kylie King, said Councillors supported a proposal to remove the Noreuil Park component from the wider Draft Murray River Experience Master Plan and treat it as a standalone project.

“We felt that the community had made it very clear what a treasured asset Noreuil Park is, and that it was important to further engage with the community on future plans for the space,” she said.

“This will ensure we can deliver a revised concept plan that better meets the needs and expectations of the community.”

Based on community feedback, further refinements will be incorporated into a revised concept, with further consultation on the revised Noreuil Park River Bank Rehabilitation plan to take place in late 2024 and early 2025.

The Council also voted to endorse a series of draft documents that make up the remainder of the Draft Murray River Experience Master Plan and place them on public exhibition for at least 60 days, namely:

  • The Draft Murray River Experience Master Plan Review
  • The Draft Central Albury Riverside Parks Master Plan
  • The Draft Lake Hume Reserves Master Plan.

“The feedback received in relation to these documents was generally more supportive and, as a result, we’ve proposed only minor amendments, which will be further tested by the public exhibition phase,” Mayor King said.

The public exhibition phase will be an opportunity for further community feedback prior to the final endorsement of the plans.