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New facility boosts material recovery goals

Thursday 22 February 2024

More than 20,000 tonnes of construction and demolition waste will be diverted away from landfill when AlburyCity’s Material Recovery Facility officially opens today.

The $8.6 million facility has been designed to receive, sort and prepare recyclable materials from the building sector, including bricks, timber, metals, concrete, cardboard and hard plastics.

It’s estimated it will increase the recovery of this waste from 15% to more than 60%.

AlburyCity Deputy Mayor, Steve Bowen, said the Material Recovery Facility project supports the region’s ambition of reducing waste to landfill as part of the Halve Waste Initiative, which aims to achieve an 80% diversion of material from landfill by 2030.

“This facility will provide environmental, social and economic benefits through recovered materials, increased employment, reduced waste and lengthening the life of the landfill site,” he said.

“The emphasis on recycling, resource recovery and community education assists in extending the life of the landfill facility beyond 30 years and is setting a new standard in sustainability.”

The Material Recovery Facility will employ 13 people and operate as a major part of the Albury Waste Management Centre, which services AlburyCity and the surrounding local government areas of Wodonga, Federation, Indigo, Greater Hume and Towong.

All six councils are part of the Halve Waste Initiative, which is currently achieving a 52% diversion rate across all waste sectors – municipal, construction and demolition, and commercial industrial - up from 2010 levels of 15%.

The Waste Management Centre receives about 200,000 tonnes of material annually.

The Material Recovery Facility has been funded by AlburyCity, with support from $2.021 million in funding under the NSW EPA Major Resource Recovery Infrastructure Grants Program.

“By continuing to invest in waste reduction techniques and infrastructure we can make the most of our resources, reduce waste going into landfill, lower our carbon emissions and protect our environment for future generations,” Cr Bowen said.