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Community supports Gold Cup Public Holiday

Tuesday 24 October 2023

At the meeting of Council on Monday 23 October, AlburyCity Councillors endorsed making an application to the NSW Government for a half-day public holiday for the Albury Gold Cup in 2024 and 2025.

The Albury Gold Cup has enjoyed significant popularity for many years, with the event recognised as one of the premier regional racing carnivals in in NSW.

It also provides significant economic benefit for our city, with the 2023 event attracting more than 11,600 attendees, generating over $4 million in economic impact including at $2.25 million from out of region visitors.

AlburyCity is required to make an application to the NSW Government for any local public holidays. Since 1998, Council has endorsed an application for a half-day public holiday for the Albury Gold Cup following community consultation.

The decision to apply for the half-day public holiday in 2024 and 2025 comes after consultation targeting tourism partners, the business community, the education, banking and local transport sectors, and the wider community via an online survey.

There were almost 2,000 contributions from the community, with 67.8% of the wider community and 56.8% of business owners supportive of the public holiday.

Councillors also resolved to receive a report from staff on options for future opportunity for a full day public holiday for the Gold Cup event.

AlburyCity will make the application to the NSW Government by 10 November 2023.