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Albury welcomes first Changing Places facility

Thursday 4 May 2023

AlburyCity is set to unveil new Public Toilets at National Foresters Grove in Lavington on Monday 8 May. The new building includes two gender neutral toilets, one fully-accessible toilet, and the first Changing Places facility for the city.

Changing Places toilets are larger than standard accessible toilets, providing people with disability and high support needs access to suitable, safe, and private bathroom facilities.

The facilities include a height-adjustable adult-sized change table, a constant-charging ceiling track hoist system, a centrally-located peninsula toilet, additional circulation space more than standard accessible toilets, an automatic door with a clear opening of 950mm at a minimum, and a privacy screen.

The Changing Places toilet at National Foresters Grove has been accredited, receiving an official Statement of Compliance after inspection by a Changing Places Assessor.

It has also been registered on the Changing Places website, which gives people with disability and their carers access to a National Public Toilet Map to help them find local toilet facilities that meet their needs.

Changing Places toilets can be accessed using a Master Locksmiths Access Key (MLAK), which grants users entry 24-hours a day, 7 days a week.

Council will be providing complimentary MLAK's to residents of Albury who do not already have access to this service. Keys will be available at the AlburyCity Offices at Kiewa Street and Lavington Library, and can also be purchased through one of the many Master Locksmiths in the area.

Mayor Kylie King said the opening of this new facility is a milestone for Albury.

"Having access to a suitable and safe place to use the toilet is a basic human right. Everyone in our community should feel comfortable being out and about without fear of not having access to a facility that meets their needs," said Mayor King.

"I'm so proud to see our first city's first Changing Places facility become available for use."

The National Foresters Grove location was chosen for the first Changing Places facility as it is a popular destination for local disability groups. AlburyCity’s Public Toilet Strategy also outlines a second facility to be provided at the popular Hovell Tree Park in Albury.

The National Foresters Grove Public Toilets including fully-accessible and Changing Places facilities was made possible through $543,893 funding from the Australian Government through the Local Roads and Community Infrastructure Program. This program supports local councils to deliver priority local road and community infrastructure projects across Australia.

More information to support those in our community with a disability is available on the AlburyCity website.