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Council seeks input into new Communications and Engagement Strategy

Friday 31 March 2023

AlburyCity is developing an updated Communications and Engagement Strategy that will set the direction for how Council connects with the local community, and is seeking input into its development.

The ways in which Council communicate and engage with the community and AlburyCity employees is continually evolving, and expectations are constantly changing. There are many methods and techniques to engage an audience, and a new Communications and Engagement Strategy aims to identify the preferences of the community to ensure they are aware of the many activities, projects and initiatives that Council are responsible for, and that they have the opportunity to contribute to Council decision-making.

The Albury community are being asked to complete a short survey, with the information recieved informing the development of a Draft Communications and Engagement Strategy. This Draft Strategy will then be considered by Council, before going back out to the community for final feedback.

Mayor Kylie King said strong communications and engagement  is key to ensuring our community has the opportunity to shape where we live and ensure we can deliver on the vision for Albury's future.

"Community engagement and two-way comunications is a core component of our planning and decision-making processes, creating strong and effective partnerships between Council and our community," said Mayor King.

"Our community rely on us to deliver many different services and intiativies every single day, and it is important that we seek our community's input prior to the development of strategies, plans, and projects that may impact our residents and visitors.

"Likewise, connecting our AlburyCity team through an active Internal Communications Strategy is critical if we are to understand and deliver to our community's expectations... every single day," Mayor King explained.

The community are being encouraged to complete the Draft AlburyCity Communications and Engagement Strategy Survey on Council's Have Your Say website by Sunday April 30.