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On the road to 80% waste diversion by 2030

Monday 3 July 2023

Last week, Councillors endorsed the AlburyCity Waste Management Strategy, which sets an ambitious target of 80% diversion of waste from landfill by 2030.

The Albury Waste Management Centre (AWMC) typically receives between 150,000 and 210,000 tonnes of waste each year. Currently, 53% of all material coming into the centre is being diverted from landfill, and recycled or recovered for other purposes - one of the highest diversion rates in NSW.

The facility currently provides a range of services for resource recovery and waste disposal, including a recycling facility and second-hand good shop, general waste landfill, disposal and management of construction and demolition waste as well as commercial and industrial waste, disposal of garden organics, and disposal of general putrescible waste.

The Waste Management Strategy identifies a number of actions which look at the identification and development of new infrastructure, optimisation of existing infrastructure, how services are delivered, and community education .

Some of the key actions within the strategy include commissioning a construction and demolition materials recycling facility, implementating an in-vessel composting facility to accept organics, implementating a mechanical biological treatment facility to accept both residual and commercial and industrial waste, landfill plans, site master plan, expanding the range of kerbside collected materials, extending the Halve Waste contract to other Councils, and more.

AlburyCity Mayor Kylie King said the actions within the strategy aim to ensure that Albury continues to lead the way in the waste industry.

"We are so lucky to live in a beautiful, clean city, surrounded by a precious natural environment that we need to work hard to preserve," said Mayor King.

"By continuing to invest in waste reduction techniques and infrastructure we can make the most of our resources, reduce waste going into landfill, lower our carbon emissions and protect our environment for future generations."

The Waste Management Strategy can be viewed on the AlburyCity website.