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Community supports AlburyCity 2023/24 Budget

Tuesday 4 July 2023

Last week, Councillors endorsed the final AlburyCity Four Year Delivery Program 2023-2026 and Operational Plan (budget) for the 2023/24 financial year after community support for the plans

These important plans are designed to support the Albury community's aspirations as detailed in the Towards Albury 2050 Community Strategic Plan.

In 2023/24 AlburyCity will manage a total budget of $180 million.

The budget includes a proposed $63.4 million in Capital Works programs, and $3.5 million in new operating iniatives that will continue the focus on planning for the future and providing essential services and infrastructure to support the growing Albury community.

A snapshot of some of the exciting projects proposed include:

$16.6 million in Recreation projects like the Stage 1 upgrade to the Lauren Jackson Sports Centre, Reconstruction of the Ian Barker Sports Field at Alexandra Park, and constructing the Melrose Park Sports Pavilion.

$10.4 million in Water and Wastewater projects such as the water main replacement/renewal program and sewer rehabilitation program.

$10.8 million in Road, Bridge and Footpath projects including road and drain rehabilitation works, and the reconstruction of Mudge St and Hawkesview Rd.

$6.7 million in Environmental Protection projects including construction of a material recovery facilitiy and a new cell at the Albury Waste Management Centre, and a lighting bulk lamp replacement program.

$3.5 million in Building Upgrade projects like upgrading the AlburyCity administration building, and upgrading the Albury Animal Care Centre including an Education Hub and emergency pens.

$3.4 million in Albury Airport projects including the extension of Taxiway C, and general aviation development.

$3.2 million in Arts and History projects including the design of the Albury Entertainment Centre Convention Wing expansion, refurbishment of the Thurgoona Museum Collection Store, and Cultural Precinct feasiblity studies.

$2.7 million in Flood Prevention and Drainage projects such as the Lavington Drain East Branch upgrade, retarding basin rehabilitation, and reconstructing the Holmwood Cross drain.

In addition, $5.6 million will be invested in a range of other projects including the AlburyCity Community Fund, and the further development of the Glenmorus Memorial Gardens.

Mayor Kylie King thanked the community for their feedback on the draft plans.

"This year's budget will deliver a range of exciting new initiatives that align with the things our community told us were important to them," said Mayor King.

"We'll also continue to focus on maintaining and upgrading infrastructure such as our roads and footpaths, parks and gardens, stormwater and sewerage networks, and everything in between."

The final plans can be found on the AlburyCity website.