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Albury Awards honour our community champs

Thursday 26 January 2023

This morning our community celebrated the winners of the Albury Awards for 2023, honouring the selfless work that individuals and community groups are doing on behalf of our city.

Image:  Community Group of the Year - Albury Wodonga Multicultural Community Events Inc

and the 2023 Albury Awards go to...

Citizen of the Year - Al Taylor, Al's Skate Co

Al Taylor, the owner of Al's Skate Co, has poured his heart, soul, sweat, tears and finances into building a positive, inclusive and family friendly skateboarding community for families, not only on the border but throughout regional NSW. Al is also is the president of 'drop in and take off', a not-for-profit organisation running inclusive community events, wellbeing and mental health programs throughout the community and local schools.

Community Group of the Year - Albury Wodonga Multicultural Community Events Inc

A not-for-profit Multicultural Organisation, the AWMCE aims to empower, showcase multiculturism, entertain and assist the multicultural community in difficult times. They bring the community together to continue conversations and share experiences around trauma, suicide and mental illness.

Volunteer of the Year - Christine Thomas, Brave Hearts

Always the first to ask, “how can I help?”, Christine has made a huge impact on the lives of many in our community. Since arriving in Albury in 1999, Chris quickly established herself as a vital, caring, and selfless member of the Albury community, establishing the iconic Brave Hearts, raising thousands of dollars for cancer services in our local region… and much more.

Young Citizen of the Year - Tylar Shepheard, Volunteer

Tylar has been assisting the Albury community since he moved here in 2019. Tylar is a volunteer with St. John Ambulance, NSW Rural Fire Service, and the Australian Navy Cadets where he is the Executive Officer. Tylar always puts his volunteer life over his paid life - he believes in helping the community first, and drops everything when an incident occurs to help his community.

AlburyCity Mayor Kylie King congratulated this year's deserving winners for their hard work on behalf of our community.

“I was so humbled to see this year’s winners receive their awards, and was inspired to hear the stories of their wonderful contributions to our city," Mayor King said.

"Our community boasts wonderful groups, volunteers, young people and fantastic leaders and we are so proud of what you all do on a day-to-day basis, making Albury the wonderful city that it is."