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Traffic strategy gets the green light

Tuesday 19 December 2023

Increasing transport options, enhancing livability and reducing emissions are the hallmarks of a new integrated transport strategy recently adopted by AlburyCity Council.

Councillors voted to endorse the MOVE Integrated Transport Strategy, which was presented following an extensive community engagement and exhibition process.

The strategy and its accompanying action plan aim to guide the current and future transportation priorities for Albury until 2033, providing the community with sustainable transport modes and choices in how they move.

Albury Mayor, Cr Kylie King, said the strategy and action plan contained 43 actions centred around four themes covering topics such as sustainability, public transport, active transport, people, livability, walkability, freight and logistics.

“The purpose of MOVE is to ensure our city remains a great place to live by improving the way we get around,” she said.

“Transport and accessibility significantly impact our quality of life. By planning the future we want now, we can create a transport network that will support an equitable, sustainable and prosperous future for our community.”

One of the key tenets of the strategy is to reduce the community’s dependence on cars, which, for a variety of reasons, have become the most convenient mode of transport for many.

Issues associated with car dependence include traffic congestion, urban sprawl, poor health outcomes, environmental degradation and transport emissions.

“The vision for this strategy is that our city will be active, safe, healthy, livable and vibrant both now and into the future.”

The MOVE Integrated Transport Strategy and Action Plan can be found on the Albury City website.