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Date set for e-scooter trial in Albury

Friday 1 December 2023

There will be a new way to get around Albury this month, with locals and visitors able to jump on a shared e-scooter as part of a 12-month trial in the city being run in conjunction with Transport NSW.

From 15 December, riders 16 years and older will be able to jump on one of 300 Beam e-scooters and ride on eligible roads, bike lanes and shared paths in Albury’s designated trial area.

Mayor Cr Kylie King said riders will be able to access key attractions and transport hubs, including Noreuil Park, Albury Botanic Gardens and Albury Railway Station.

“The trial of shared e-scooters in our local transport network will provide people with another choice when getting from A to B, and also a way for people to explore Albury, whether they’re visitors, or just enjoying their local area on an e-scooter,” Cr King said.

“While this new mode of transport rolls out, we want to remind the community, including pedestrians and drivers, to keep an extra eye out for e-scooters, check your blind spot regularly and leave a minimum distance of 1 metre when driving past a rider.

“We appreciate the introduction of e-scooters may be an adjustment and Council will be monitoring the trial and seeking community feedback as it progresses.”

Beam’s shared e-scooters include geofencing technology that can control where e-scooters are ridden and how fast they can travel, as well as ensuring that they are parked in appropriate parking areas.

The shared e-scooters will be limited to 10km/h on shared paths and 20km/h on bike lanes or roads which have a speed limit of 50km/h or less. E-scooters will not be permitted on footpaths.

NSW Transport Minister Jo Haylen said the roll out of shared e-scooter trials in NSW was an exciting step forward in expanding the state’s transport network.

“E-scooters give people a convenient, fun and sustainable way to get around, making it easier for people to choose to leave the car at home, particularly for shorter journeys,” Ms Haylen said.

“These trials are crucial to exploring how best to introduce micro-mobility transport options to NSW, in a safe and effective manner.

“Safety is at the forefront of everything Transport for NSW does and is being carefully examined as part of the shared e-scooter trials across the state.

“I encourage people in Albury to give an e-scooter a go if they can - remember to ride responsibly and obey the rules, including wearing a helmet.”

NSW Minister for Regional Transport and Roads, Jenny Aitchison, said: “In regional areas, e-scooters have the potential to revolutionise the way people move around their communities, bridging the gaps and unlocking newfound mobility,” Ms Aitchison said.

“The regional e-scooters trial will allow Albury residents to experience the convenience and efficiency of a sustainable transport mode that encourages them to get more active."

Currently, only e-scooters provided through a shared scheme are permitted for use in approved trial areas.

Privately owned e-scooters cannot be used in public areas. For more information about the shared e-scooter trial visit the AlburyCity website or Transport NSW.

Beam will hold safety workshops from 11.30am on 15 December in the vacant carpark at 482 Kiewa St (opposite West End Plaza) for the community to learn about safe shared e-scooter use.

Want to read our FAQs? Visit our e-scooter page.