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Albury Mayor encourages feedback on how Council connects with community

Monday 24 April 2023

During the development of Council plans and strategies, it's critical that we seek feedback from our community. We want to build an Albury that we can all be proud of, and for everyone to feel they've had the opportunity to play a part in shaping this beautiful city we call home.

The feedback we received during the recent consultation process for our Eastern Hill Activation Master Plan showed us just how many passionate people we have in our community that care about what's happening in their local area.

To ensure we're reaching as many people as possible using the channels and tools that resonate best, we need to hear how our community want to hear from and engage with us.

We have a diverse community that seeks information and has conversations in different ways, and we know this is constantly evolving as technology and preferences change over time.

Some of us prefer to do things online, and some prefer face to face. Others like email, whilst some prefer traditional mail. For some projects, people may want to give their feedback in a group setting, while for others they may want to do this one-on-one.

We want to make sure its easy to find information about what’s happening in your local area, and that we're contacting you about the topics you care about most. Plus, Councillors and the Council Team are keen to hear any innovative ideas we haven't yet thought of!

We're developing an updated Communications and Engagement Strategy that will set the direction for how Council connects with our community, and we're encouraging people to set aside a few minutes to complete a short survey.

This information is vital to ensure we're giving as many people as possible the opportunity to be involved in the projects and initiatives that matter to them.

The survey is available on Council's Have Your Say website until Sunday April 30.

The Draft Strategy will be considered by Council, before going back out to the community for final feedback.

Kylie King
AlburyCity Mayor