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Delivering strong results for Albury

Tuesday 29 November 2022

AlburyCity has tabled its' 2021-2022 Annual Report, highlighting the achievements and activities delivered during the last financial year under each of the themes of the Community Strategic Plan - Albury 2030.

These themes are the Albury communities vision and aspirations for the future, and drive Council's strategic focus and operational delivery towards A Growing Sustainable Economy, An Enhanced Natural Environment, A Caring Community and A Leading Community.

During the year, Council achieved 96% of the actions within the annual Operational Plan, and delivered $32 million in capital works programs - an extremely strong result given the challenges that the Albury community faced.

Highlights during 2021-2022 included:

  • A new Community Strategic Plan – Towards Albury 2050 was endorsed by Council
  • Albury Regional Skate Park was officially opened
  • Engaging Royal Life Saving NSW to lead the development of an Inland Water Safety Strategy
  • A Graffiti Management Plan 2021-2026 was endorsed by Council
  • Albury Riverside Precinct Construction progressing
  • Eastern Hill Activation Plan presented for Council review and public exhibition
  • Davey Road Interchange completed
  • The State Members’ Walk was completed and unveiled in November 2021
  • Development of the Albury Entertainment Centre and Waste Management Centre continued
  • All projects under the Sustainability – Community Energy Fund completed
  • The Halve Waste Program continued to support the region's goal of reducing waste
  • Implementation of the Regional Natural Environment Strategy actions
  • A Climate Change Adaptation Strategy developed
  • The continued successfully delivery of a range of experiences, festivals and events
  • Installation of additional CCTV cameras in Dean Street and a pilot of mobile CCTV surveillance
  • The Botanic Gardens Master Plan and Concept Drawing was endorsed by Council
  • Cycleways and Active Transport Program completed
  • AlburyCity's revised Disability Inclusion Action Plan 2022-2026 endorsed by Council
  • Council adopted the Innovate Reconciliation Action Plan 2022-2024
  • Continued expansion of AlburyCity’s Grow Our Own Program
  • Numerous community engagement initiatives have been implemented, providing the community with the opportunity to comment on projects and decisions that may impact them

Mayor Kylie King said she was delighted to be able to deliver so many positive outcomes for the community during her first term as Mayor.

"Our new Councillor group has really built on the significant contribution of the previous Council, including continuing to partner with our community to deliver our Community Strategic Plan - Towards Albury 2050," said Mayor King.

"I'm extremely proud of what has been achieved, and my fellow Councillors and I are looking forward to building on this success into the future."

CEO Frank Zaknich thanked the AlburyCity Team for their dedication to continuing to deliver on behalf of the community.

"Our team have worked extremely hard to deliver many great outcomes, and whilst this is a pleasing result, we are on a continuous improvement journey and will continue our focus on delivering the day-to-day services our community rely on to a high standard," Mr Zaknich explained.

"We will also continue to work closely with our Councillors to ensure there are strong plans in place for the future of our growing community, responsibly manage community funds, and ensure our future performance aligns with community needs
and expectations."

The 2021-2022 Annual Report can be read on the AlburyCity website.