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Continuing on the path to a more inclusive city

Wednesday 29 June 2022
Positive community attitiudes and behaviors, liveable communities, meaningful employment and informed systems and processes are all focuses to assist in a more inclusive city.

June 29 2022

Continuing on the path to a more inclusive city

AlburyCity has finalised its Disability Inclusion Action Plan, which will promote and support access and inclusion across our city.

The plan identifies practical actions that can be taken through programming, education, events, access to information, and infrastructure improvements to improve access and inclusion for people with disability. It was developed in consultation with the community and the Albury Access Committee.

There are four focus areas within the plan:

Positive community attitudes and behaviours: building community awareness of the rights and abilities of people with disability, and to support the development of positive attitudes and behaviour towards people with disability

Liveable communities: increasing participation of people with disability in all aspects of community life, through targeted approaches to address barriers in housing, learning, transport, health and wellbeing

Meaningful employment: increasing the number of people with disability in meaningful employment, thereby enabling people with disability to plan for their future and exercise choice and control as a result of economic security

Systems and processes: ensuring that people with disability are able to make informed choices about available services and to easily and efficiently access mainstream government services and other opportunities in the community

Mayor Kylie King said the plan will help Council and the community continue on the path to a more inclusive city.

"Albury is a wonderfully diverse community, which prides itself on being a place where people from all walks of life can enjoy everything there is to offer," said Mayor King.

"This plan will inform our future planning, and help us continue the great work in changing attitudes and behaviours toward people with disability."

The plan can be found on the Albury City website.