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Update to COVID-19 settings

Monday 21 February 2022
A message from the NSW government regarding COVID-19 Settings.

Hello ,

We're pleased to share with you an update on the COVID-19 easing of restrictions under the roadmap to recovery announced yesterday by the NSW Government.

From today, the following adjustments will be made to current settings:

  • no density limits (previously one person per 2sqm for hospitality venues)
  • QR check-ins will only be required for nightclubs, and for all music festivals with more than 1,000 people. Hospitals, aged and disability facilities may use their existing systems for recording visitors
  • singing and dancing will be permitted at all venues, except music festivals, where singing and dancing can recommence from 25 February
  • the recommendation to work from home will change and be returned to the employer’s discretion.

From Monday 21 February 2022, hotel quarantine for unvaccinated returning travellers will be reduced from 14 days to 7 days.

Further restrictions will ease from Friday 25 February 2022 including:

  • masks will only be mandated on:
    • public transport and planes
    • indoors at airports, hospitals, aged and disability care facilities, correction facilities and indoor music festivals with more than 1,000 people
  • masks are encouraged for:
    • indoor settings where you cannot maintain a safe distance from others
    • customer-facing retail staff to protect vulnerable people who must access these premises
  • the 20,000 person cap on music festivals will be removed, with singing and dancing permitted
  • vaccination requirements will remain for indoor music festivals over 1,000 people, with attendees required to have at least two doses of a COVID-19 vaccine.

For the latest COVID-19 business updates and advice, please continue to check

Please contact covid.communications if you need specific content for your community.

Thank you again for your ongoing support in helping to reopen NSW.

Kara Lawrence
Director, Stakeholder and Community Engagement

NSW Customer Service