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What's happening in your community?

Thursday 28 April 2022
Council is pleased to present its draft Four Year Delivery Program 2022-2026 and draft Operational Plan 2022-2023 to the community for feedback.

April 28 2022

What's happening in your community?

Council is pleased to present its draft Four Year Delivery Program 2022-2026 and draft Operational Plan 2022-2023 to the community for feedback.

The draft Four Year Delivery Program describes a series of activities that Council have committed to delivering over the next four years, to work towards the community's aspirations as highlighted in the Albury 2050 Community Strategic Plan.

Out of these actions fall a number of key projects and actions for the next financial year which are detailed in the draft Operational Plan.

What's in the works for the next year?

The 2022-2023 budget proposes a $57m Capital Works Program, aimed at improving our infrastructure, streets, recreation and culture opportunities, and more.

The projects are closely linked to things the community asked for during community consultation for Albury 2050, falling under four key themes: A Growing Sustainable Economy, An Enhanced Natural Environment, A Caring Community, and A Leading Community.

A snapshot of some of the exciting projects Council will be embarking on are detailed below.

Accessible transport modes across our city to improve connectivity
$8.1m will be invested in a range of important road, bridge and footpath projects, including key road upgrades such as the Thurgoona Link Road, and a number of new bike paths such as the Albury CBD Bike Loop.

Clean and reliable drinking water
$10.4m will go towards a number of important water and sewer projects, such as the annual water main replacement / renewal program and annual sewer rehabilitation program.

Climate action and preparing for the changing climate
$5.6m will be spent on environmental protection projects, such as a new Material Recovery Facility at the Albury Waste Management Centre. $1.2m will also be invested in flood prevention and drainage projects such as the South Albury Levee at Australia Park.

A diverse range of events and experiences
$14.8m will be invested in recreation projects such as the highly anticipated Albury Riverside Precinct, the Alexandra Park Master Plan Reconstruction and the Lauren Jackson Sports Centre Upgrade.

Celebration of our culture, arts and diversity
$3.1m will go towards arts and history projects such as the Riverside Precinct Public Artwork, the Historic Pumphouse Remediation and Pumphouse Creative Enterprise.

A national leader
$3.4m will be spent on building upgrades for key community facilities such as the Albury Entertainment Centre Convention Wing expansion and the Emergency Management Centre Stage 2 design.

Where does the money come from?

In 2022-2023, Council will manage a $165m budget, half of which will come from rates and annual charges. The remaining amount comes from user fees and charges, grants, contributions and other revenue sources.

What you'll pay

When all rates, water, sewer and waste management charges are combined, the average residential property impact is an increase of $51 or 98 cents per week, representing an overall average increase of 1.8%.

Have your say

Mayor Kylie King encouraged the community to have their say on the draft plans.

"Our city is undergoing an exciting period of growth. As a Council, we're committed to ensuring this growth happens in a sustainable way, whilst supporting a connected and vibrant community.”

“The draft plans contain some exciting initiatives and projects that we believe align with what the community told us, but it’s important to seek further feedback to ensure these plans continue to reflect community priorities,” she said.

The draft plans can be found on the AlburyCity website. Submissions close Friday 27 May 2022.