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Milestone reached in Thurgoona transport works

Thursday 7 October 2021
A major piece of the transport infrastructure puzzle for Albury’s growth area has been put into place, with the completion of the redevelopment of Kerr Road at Thurgoona.

A new roundabout has been built at the intersection of Kerr Road and Thurgoona Drive, effectively completing the Kerr Road reconstruction project.

The roundabout will ensure smoother traffic flow through the intersection and improve safety for motorists, cyclists, and pedestrians.

It’s part of long-term plans to build the infrastructure that future residents of Thurgoona-Wirlinga will need, as the area’s population continues to grow.

The completion of the roundabout marks the end of the sixth stage in the Kerr Road project, which ties in with the bigger picture of the ongoing Thurgoona Link Road development.

As part of the works, major water infrastructure has also been installed, including a huge manifold that will underpin the delivery of fresh, clean water to thousands of new residents over coming decades.