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Youth Council tackles graffiti

Monday 29 March 2021
AlburyCity’s Youth Councillors have taken to the streets to clean graffiti from walls and fences.

As part of national Clean-up Graffiti Day on Sunday 28 March, the young people used paint and chemicals to remove unsightly tags and other graffiti vandalism.

It was the eighth year in which the Youth Council has been involved in Clean-up Graffiti Day. Members of the public are usually invited to take part but because of COVID-19, the Youth Councillors undertook the work on their own this year.

Removing graffiti is an ongoing and costly process.

Graffiti vandalism costs local businesses, householders, governments and council millions of dollars each year, which is why AlburyCity is developing a new graffiti management plan to provide direction on how better to manage the problem.

Council is seeking community input on developing the plan through a survey to assess the best ways of identifying, deterring and removing graffiti vandalism.

Removing graffiti from private property is the responsibility of property owners. Council provides free graffiti removal kits to help owners remove the vandalism.