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New sculpture in evolving story

Thursday 10 September 2020
Another sculpture telling the story of the local Aboriginal community has been installed on the Wagirra Trail.

“Tiddalick” is in the car park at Wonga Wetlands and can be enjoyed by all who visit the area. He stands on a rock with a collection of other local wild life and tells an important story.

Tiddalick the frog is a well-known Aboriginal dreamtime story about a large and very thirsty frog. Tiddalick drank all the water in the land and all the other animals began to die.

The wise wombat told the animals that if they could make Tiddalick laugh, all the water would flow from him back to where it belonged. The one animal that was finally able to make him laugh was the water eel and so it was that the water flowed returning to the rivers, creeks, waterholes and billabongs.

Made from recycled materials, the work is a collaboration between the artist Treahna Hamm and fabricator Michael Laubli. It was commissioned in partnership with local elders, community members and AlburyCity.

“Tiddalick’ is the latest addition to the Yindyamarra Sculpture Walk that celebrates Aboriginal stories along the Wagirra Trail from Kremur Street to Wonga Wetlands.