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Incubator to create apprenticeships

Tuesday 29 September 2020
Have you considered hosting high school students in your business? Training Services NSW have partnered with Murray High School to deliver an apprenticeship incubator program, giving students the opportunity to work with a variety of employers in local industries.

The Apprenticeship Incubator Program is a new initiative of the NSW Department of Education to give students with a passion for Vocational Education the opportunity to work with a variety of employers.

The program seeks to provide a quality industry experience for the best vocational students. Studies have shown that the more often a student is exposed to work environments the more likely they are to make more informed choices for their future.

This is an invaluable opportunity for students to network with employers in our local industries whilst building a portfolio of experiences and referees. This course complements the HSC VET course the student has the most passion for and contributes 2 units to their HSC.

The intent of this course is to expose students to several different employers as well as different trade styles within their chosen industry. This will give the student a distinct advantage in choosing a career as well as exposing them to employers looking to hire apprentices.

Embedded in this course is 45-50 days of work placement with students working with one or more employers each term. This may be either as:

  • One day a week
  • One week blocks
  • Two day blocks
  • Or a combination of the above.

All of the insurance costs are underwritten by the Department of Education through its provisions for students being in work places. Under this agreement students are not to be paid.

For employers, they can be confident that the students they work with have a genuine interest. For a student to gain entry, they will need to:

  • Submit formal applications which will be objectively scored
  • Sit an aptitude test
  • Sit a Language Literacy and Numeracy test
  • Sit a formal interview which will involve school staff, Group Training providers and industry representatives

The school takes responsibility for the students they send into the workplace. No student will be sent into a workplace unless they can:

  • Measure accurately
  • Perform basic trade calculations
  • Work safely and recognise hazards
  • Take explicit directions
  • Work in a team environment
  • Construction students will have a White Card

Communication between the school, student, parent, employer and community is key to the success of the program. The program requires an after school briefing session each term to discuss with parents/caregivers the progress of their child. The school will also be in regular contact with employers at convenient times to discuss the student's progress.

Benefits to employers involved in this program are many:

  • Access to the best students seeking employment in industry
  • Future Employees that are work ready for the work environment
  • Reduction in recruiting costs
  • Local people for local jobs
  • Only engaged, passionate students will be selected
  • Students will be rigidly screened for suitability
  • Clear lines of communication
  • Additional support from a team of dedicated professionals

Training Services NSW, through the RIEP Program will take the role of recruiting suitable employers to support placement opportunities. RIEP will coordinate with other Government Departments and industry organisations to ensure that the businesses feel well supported throughout their participation.

In addition, RIEP will provide in-school exposure opportunities to ensure the incubator attracts suitably interested and engaged students. One such initiative is the weekly on-site engagement of a different trade every week to give students hands-on opportunities to experience different industry and trade areas.

It is envisaged that in time, Murray High School will be seen as the school employers go to to engage future apprentices and trainees as they are producing work ready young adults that have wide industry knowledge.

Murray High School Profile

Murray High School is a Government 7-12 school located in the Albury suburb of Lavington.

Enrolment – 708 (9% Indigenous, 15% Language background other than English)

School ICSEA Value – 932

2018 VET Enrolment – 38

How to be involved

To get involved with the Murray High School Apprenticeship Incubator, whether that is by offering work experience opportunities, or running an information session or skills workshop on the school site, please complete the form here.