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LLS: No camping on travelling stock reserves

Thursday 14 May 2020
With the closure of camping grounds and parks around NSW due to COVID-19, Local Land Services is reminding people not to camp on Travelling Stock Reserves (TSRs).

“In line with public health advice, TSRs are not available at present for any recreational purpose, including camping,” said Local Land Services TSRs leader, Gary Rodda.

“Anyone thinking of heading out bush to camp on a TSR needs to think again and remember that TSRs around the state are subject to surveillance,” Mr Rodda said.

The community should also be aware that even under normal circumstances, there are restrictions on use of TSRs in relation to camping, water usage, timber removal, firewood collection, motorbike and four-wheel drive access, fences and mechanical equipment.

Travelling stock reserves are parcels of Crown land which were traditionally used for moving stock and grazing but are now recognised as having important values for biodiversity conservation, indigenous culture and recreation as well.

Local Land Services is responsible for the care, control and management of about 30 per cent of TSRs in NSW, covering about 530,000 hectares, mostly concentrated in the Central and Eastern Divisions of the state.

During the present period, anyone wanting to access a TSR for non-recreational purposes must contact Local Land Services first.

Due to COVID-19, Local Land Services offices are currently open by appointment only and the best way to get in touch is to call 1300 795 299 or fill in the online enquiry form at

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