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Tree team gets growing

Thursday 18 June 2020
New areas of the city are being beautified with hundreds of street trees being planted this winter.

Our trees team is planting more than 800 native and deciduous trees outside new homes, as well as replacing trees in older areas that have died or been damaged.

We’re also planting in parklands to create new areas of greenery as well as replacing those trees that have either been removed or are at the end of their lives.

By planting in winter, the trees can be transplanted with minimal stress, meaning they’ll be ready to grow when spring arrives.

As part of the program, the young trees will also undergo a management regime to help them develop good structure and remain as healthy as possible.

This year, the ratio of deciduous to native trees is about 50-50, with species choices based on the best for the immediate local environment.

In some new areas, the focus has been on planting native trees to off-set any native vegetation loss during the construction of housing.

The planting will continue over winter with root growth in spring to help the young trees to begin to grow and spread.