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War on weeds goes to water

Friday 21 February 2020
AlburyCity has taken the war on weeds to the Murray River and Lake Hume, during a major annual inspection of invasive species growing on the banks and in the water.

Council’s bio-security team used a boat to identify and log the weeds on public and private land along the stretch of river from the weir wall to Splitters Creek.

Priority weeds were mapped, along with information about size and density of infestations. Any notifiable aquatic weeds will be reported to the NSW Department of Primary Industries.

The data will be used to support a program of containment, eradication and prevention.

The river inspection will be followed by multiple site visits to contain infestations to their location, followed by eradication where necessary. Control methods will include manual or mechanical removal and approved herbicide spraying.

This program will have multiple benefits for the community, including:

  • Regeneration of native plants
  • Improved water quality
  • Beautification of riverside areas
  • Better access to the river for stock, and
  • Improved river access for recreational activities such as swimming and fishing

The community is asked to help prevent the spread of weeds through measures such as cleaning boats and trailers before and after use. Anyone who notices unusual plants they believe might be invasive weeds is urged to contact council on 60 238 111.

During the inspection, the team also monitored colonies of native bats along the river.

Last year’s inspection enabled successful control of problem weeds such as blackberry, noogoora burr, sweet briar, black willows and tree of heaven.

Similar inspections were also carried out along the banks of Lake Hume.

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