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Glenroy traffic improvements proposed

Wednesday 4 September 2019
We are proposing a range of changes to improve road safety in Glenroy, following a major review of traffic behaviour in the area.

Traffic counters and intersection cameras were used to monitor the area – particularly around Watson, Wilkinson, Hodge and Tenbrink streets – to identify problems and develop solutions.

The problems identified included crashes occurring at the Hodge/Tenbrink intersection and also on Tenbrink Street between Wilkinson and Hodge streets, as well as regular cases of speeding in Watson and Wilkinson streets.

Council traffic engineers have used the results to propose solutions, which include:

  • Installation of channelised turning lanes at Hodge Street to protect turning vehicles
  • Speed reduction from 60kmph to 50kmph on Ryan Road, Tenbrink Street and Gap Road
  • Installation of stop signs on Hodge and Wilkinson Streets at Tenbrink Street
  • Implementation of a surface treatment on Tenbrink Street to improve vehicle traction
  • Trial closure of southbound access to Watson Street from the Ryan Road/Burrows Road roundabout for a three month period, with feedback to be sought from the community

Traffic calming devices such as chicanes and speed cushions were investigated as options but were not proposed because of concerns over noise, damage to road surfaces and access by buses and emergency services.

The review came after residents expressed concern over a high rate of crashes and near misses in the neighbourhood.

AlburyCity Councillor Graham Docksey thanked the residents for raising their concerns, saying it presented an opportunity for council to work with the community to improve safety.

“The review backed up what the residents have been telling us – crashes are occurring that could be avoided,” he said.

“Now, thanks to that community input, we’re proposing changes that should not only improve safety but also keep traffic flowing smoothly while maintaining full access to homes and businesses."

The proposed improvements will be subject to endorsement by the Local Traffic Committee and Transport for NSW, as well as approval by council.

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