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Record numbers for citizenship ceremony

Wednesday 13 November 2019
A record number of people will be sworn in as Australian citizens in Albury this month.

More than 90 people from nations as diverse as Bhutan, India, the US, Colombia, Vietnam, Bangladesh, Yemen, the Philippines, South Africa, Thailand, France and Taiwan will take the oath at council’s citizenship ceremony on 25 November.

The number of new citizens at Albury’s ceremonies usually ranges between about ten, with a high of more than 60 in September.

AlburyCity Mayor Kevin Mack said council was delighted to officially welcome our newest Australians.

“Our new citizens have made their way through the Department of Immigration process to become Australians – some taking several years - and they’re very excited to be formally conferred citizenship,” he said.

“This very high number of conferees reflects Albury’s attraction as a wonderful place to live and in return, our new citizens will add to the city’s diversity and multi-cultural make-up.”

The ceremony will be held at the Albury Entertainment Centre at 4 pm on 25 November.