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Multi-Factor Authentication at AlburyCity

To ensure we continue to ensure our services are secure, AlburyCity is moving to Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA). These instructions will assist Our People set up their MFA.

Please read and watch the videos below, if you cannot access our MFA resources on AlburyCity Linx intranet.

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

Information Management at AlburyCity is rolling out Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) for all of Our People. It is an extra step you will need to do to log in to access your emails and Teams. You can read more below.

How do I set up MFA?

In order to use MFA, you will need to have up-to-date security information and the Microsoft Authenticator app installed on your mobile device. If you don’t have that device with you all the time, you may not be able to log in to applications with your AlburyCity account.

All Our People will need to follow the following video instructions to complete setting up MFA, please, when MFA is switched on for everyone at AlburyCity.

The next video isn't critical, but it can help you manage your MFA devices, as required.


  • Similar to leaving your work laptop at home, you will not be able to log in to an AlburyCity device or website without a MFA notification or code. Please remember to carry your mobile device with you.

  • Multi-Factor Authentication works best, if you have access to a mobile device. However, there is still an option for you to use MFA.

    To apply for this option, or to discuss other concerns, please complete this form. Information Management will contact you shortly after.

  • What is MFA? keyboard_arrow_right

    Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) adds extra security to your AlburyCity account. Here’s how: 

    In addition to using your current account password, a second factor will also be required. This second factor will be a push notification sent to a smartphone app, which you will have to tap on when it appears. You may already be using MFA in other aspects of your life. For instance, if you are logging into your school account for study, or logging into online banking, you might have to enter a code from a text message.

    You can watch this video to learn more about why AlburyCity Information Management, and other organisations, are making this change to improve security.

  • Why do I need MFA? keyboard_arrow_right

    Both Our People and the greater AlburyCity community are better protected with this feature enabled. If someone was to obtain unauthorized access to your username and password, they would not be able to login without providing the MFA code or approving the push notification.

    Our People deal with a range of sensitive information on a daily basis, so it’s important we keep this information protected and secure. Hackers could use your compromised password to access other people’s private information.

    MFA is also a highly-recommended core requirement by CyberSecurity NSW to mitigate cyber attacks.

  • At a point in the future, MFA will be required for all of Our People when trying to access AlburyCity systems. At first, you’ll be prompted as required when logging into various Microsoft services, but, over time, more AlburyCity apps will be protected by MFA. You will be notified prior to this occurring.

    For now, you won’t experience MFA while logging into your PC or Authority, but you will experience it using Outlook and Teams.

    MFA won’t be required every time you log in to a protected app. You should be prompted once a week, unless the system notices a change in where you logged in from. For example, working from home, or from a new device, or if you switch wi-fi networks.

    We will be rolling out MFA on a team-by-team basis. You will be notified when an exact date is decided.

Where do I go for more help?

If you still need help with MFA after reading this article, please make sure you have watched the videos mentioned above.

If you still need assistance, please contact the Service Desk or call 02 6023 8222.

We’re always happy to help.