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Lavington CCTV System

During 2021, in partnership with the NSW Police we have been working on expanding our Public CCTV system into Lavington.

In February 2022, Council launched new CCTV cameras in the Lavington CBD.

A total of 14 CCTV poles and 46 cameras were installed in and around the Lavington CBD, along Mate Street and Wagga Road, Urana and Union Roads, and the major retail centre in the Griffith Road precinct.

The cameras will provide live footage to monitors at the Albury Police Station, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

The system is designed to ensure community members feel safe on our streets, and provides an extra layer of protection by deterring crime and giving local police a valuable tool to identify offenders.

There will be strict controls on access to the footage to protect privacy. These controls include adherence to the CCTV Code of Practice and Standard Operating Procedure, as well as a formal application process by police wishing to use the footage for investigations.

Thank you to the Australian Government for their contribution of a $430,000 through the Local Roads and Community Infrastructure Program. Council also committed $248,500 to the project.

Lavington Map