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Jelbart Park Sportsground Lighting Upgrade

The installation LED sportsfield lights to enable the sport to play night games and increase the lit training area at Jelbart Park.

About this project

Albury United Football Club were successful in grant funding through the NSW Asian Cup Legacy Fund for upgrading sportsfield lighting at Jelbart Park. In addition AburyCity was successful in obtaining grant funding through the Stronger Country Communities Fund for Stage two works. Council has  allocated $115,000 and Albury Wodonga Football Association $25,000 toward the project. This will enable the Club to:

  • Upgrade of power to the site
  • Install sportsfield light poles and LED Lights to two fields to playing standards

The project also provides more lit training space to help spread the ground usage across a greater area.

On ground works will commence in February 2020 with completion re-scheduled to May 2020.

Jelbart Park lighting upgrade project - indicative pole layout and electrical cable alignment.

Jelbart Park Lighting Layout

8 May 2020

The sportsfield light poles and LED lights were installed this week

Jelbart 07-05

3 April 2020

The foundations for the light poles have been installed and now will cure for 14 days. Poles and lights are scheduled to be installed at the end of April.

Jelbart 03-04

Jelbart 03-04a

6 March 2020

Electrical conduits and pits have been installed with the main switchboard constructed and put in place..

Jelbart 06-03

Jelbart 06-03a

Jelbart 06-03nb

7 February 2020

The installation of the electrical conduits commenced this week

Jelbaart Park 14-02

Jelbaart Park 14-02a

7 February 2020

Preparation work for the project has commenced this week. The laying of conduits will commence next week.

Jelbart Existing conditions