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Glenmorus Memorial Gardens improvements

More car parking, better access and improvements are planned for our beautiful memorial gardens.

Car park expansion and roadworks

Families and visitors will have easier access to Glenmorus Memorial Gardens during services and remembrance events, under 2019-20 budget plans to develop an extra 30 car parking spaces on site.

At a cost of $100,000, this project will help to enable larger attendances at memorial and remembrance services, easing pressures on families during difficult times.

Also, $25,000 will be spent on road sealing and the installation of covered bays to provide year-round access to the storage compound at the gardens, providing a safer and more cost-efficient working environment for employees.


A dam remediation project will provide water storage to maintain the site’s ornamental dams. This water will also be used to irrigate trees and other memorial sites, eliminating the need to use potable water for this purpose.

At a cost of $45,000 in the first stage, it will help to ensure we continue to deliver our master plan for the gardens, maintaining an attractive and peaceful environment for community members visiting the site.

Chapel and site improvements

There's a further $50,000 to paint the interior and parts of the exterior of the gardens chapel, to provide a more comfortable and welcoming appearance for visitors.

Also, $125,000 will be provided towards the ongoing retrofitting of concrete beams in burial areas to improve visual appearances and cut maintenance costs and a range of other smaller improvements to the site will also be carried out during the year.