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Centaur Road Reconstruction

Centaur Road between Overend Street and Mudge Street will undergo a full road reconstruction to improve road safety and enhance the usability of nearby facilities.

Centaur Road is located in Hamilton Valley and provides access to residential properties, the Albury Waste Management Centre (AWMC), the Recycling Centre, the Albury Animal Care Centre, and the Lavington Sports Ground (LSG).

Due to the recent increases in traffic volumes from upgrades to both the AWMC and LSG, as well as a high percentage of heavy vehicle access, the section of road between Overend Street and Mudge Street is in particularly poor condition and requires a full road reconstruction. Traffic volumes are also expected to further increase with the ongoing expansion of the AWMC and further residential development.

The upgrades will include:

  • Road reconstruction including new kerb, pavements, and asphalt surface
  • Replacement of the existing watermain
  • Removal of vegetation
  • Extension of existing box culverts under Centaur Road and Mudge Street
  • Installation of new concrete driveways, gravel shared path and concrete footpaths, stormwater drainage and associated works
  • Removal and replacement of existing splitter islands on the eastern side of Centaur Road
  • Installation of a bicycle safety fence and road safety barrier
  • Landscaping
  • Line marking
  • Signpost installation

The project is made possible thanks to a $1.69m grant from the NSW Government's Fixing Local Roads Program, and a Council contribution of $726,000.

The project was completed in early 2024.