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Thurgoona Oval Change Room Upgrade

The project involves the construction of new change rooms for AFL and netball and associated public amenities

The construction of the building is complete with the facilities to be used by the Thurgoona Football and Netball Club for their first home game on Saturday 1 April 2023.

The project involves the construction of new change rooms with associated amenities and the demolition of old amenities building. The NSW Government, through the Stronger Country Communities Grant Program, will contribute $419,758 to the $2.3M project. The new facilities will include:

  • AFL standard change rooms (local level)
  • Netball change rooms
  • Public toilets
  • Storage areas (club and Council)
  • Coaches/timekeeper rooms
  • Covered spectator areas
  • Administration areas
  • Hardstand area between buildings

17 March 2023

The construction of the building is complete with only minor fit off items to be complete. Car parking works and landscaping is well underway.  The building is on-track to be used by the Thurgoona Football Netball Club for their first home game on the 1 April.

ThurOval 19-03-23

ThurOval 02-03-23

ThurOval 02-03-23a

ThurOval 02-03-23b

ThurOval 02-03-23c

17 February 2023

The roof has been installed on the spectator area and fit out is in the final stages. The building is scheduled to be ready for use on the first home game for the Thurgoona Football and Netball Club.



27 January 2023

Fit-off of services and installation of the remaining joinery items continues within the building. The external cladding is complete.

ThurOval 27-01-23

9 September 2022

ThurOval 09-09-22

26 August 2022

ThurOvalSP 26-08

ThurOvalSP 26-08a

22 July 2022

Colourbond cladding has commenced while internal works continues. External concrete works is nearing completion.

ThurOvalSP 22-07

ThurOvalSP 22-07a

1 July 2022

ThurOvalSP 01-07

ThurOvalSP 01-07a

ThurOvalSP 01-07b

22 June 2022

ThurOval 22-06-22a

ThurOval 22-06-22

20 May 2022

ThurOval 20-05-22

ThurOval 20-05-22a

ThurOval 20-05-22b

29 April 2022

The first section of concrete work between the new building and existing building is complete. Internal service installation works continues in the building. The concrete work is complete for the coaches/tm keepers boxes.

ThurOval 29-04-22

ThurOval 29-04-22a

ThurOval 29-04-22b

14 April 2022

Formwork for the  coaches/timekeepers boxes has commenced with the concrete path to netball courts complete.

ThurOval 14-04

ThurOval 14-04a

ThurOval 14-04-22b

18 March 2022

Installation of roof commences

ThurOval 18-03-22

ThurOval 18-03-22a

11 March 2022

ThurOval 11-03-22a

ThurOval 11-03-22b

ThurOval 11-03-22c

ThurOval 11-03-22

4 March 2022

Construction of the concrete seating continues.

ThurOval 04-03-22

ThurOval 04-03-22a

ThurOval 04-03-22b

25 February 2022

Works commenced on the concrete seating area and pathway adjacent to the netball courts.

ThurOval 25-02-22

ThurOval 25-02-22a

ThurOval 25-02-22

18 February 2022

The steel work and service connections continues. Block work has commenced on the main building with preparation of concrete steps adjacent to the netball courts underway.

ThurOval 18-02-22

ThurOval 18-02-22a

4 February 2022

The construction of the steel frame work continues

ThurOval 04-02-22

18 January 2022

The erection of the steel frame work has commenced

ThurOval 18-01-22

ThurOval 18-01-22a

24 December 2021

The concrete slabs are complete for the  toilet building and main changeroom building. The erection of the steel framework will commence in the new year

ThurOval 24-12

ThurOval 24-12a

10 December 2021

The concrete slab for the toilets has been poured while part of the main building is prepared ready for concreting.

ThurOvalSP 10-12a

ThurOvalSP 10-12

3 December 2021

ThurOvalSP 03-12

ThurOvalSP 03-12a

19 November 2021

ThurOvalSP 19-11

ThurOvalSP 19-11a

10 November 2021

Concrete work has commenced this week.  The main concrete slab is scheduled to be poured in the next few weeks.

ThurOvalSP 10-11

ThurOvalSP 10-11a

22 October 2021

Earthworks commenced this week

ThurOvalSP 22-10

ThurOvalSP 22-10a

ThurOvalSP 22-10b

15 October 2021

On-ground works commence with service locations and set out

ThurOvalSP 15-10

ThurOvalSP 15-10a

8 October 2021

The construction of the new sports pavilion has commenced with the erection of temporary fencing. The demolition, site preparation and installation of services will start next week

ThurOvalSP 08-10

26 March 2021

The detailed design process is continues.

5 December 2020

The detailed design process is well underway. On-ground works are scheduled to commence early in the new year.

29 May 2020

At the Council meeting held on the 25 May 2020 Council accepted the tender from Dezign for the design and construction Contract for the‘ Thurgoona Oval Sporting Pavilion.