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Online jigsaw puzzles using our Collection

Take a moment or two to relax with online jigsaw puzzles using images from our Collection.

The Murray River circa 1935

Black & White Photograph of The Murray River, Albury
AlburyCity Collection (ARM 06.295)

Panorama of Albury

Coloured photograph of panoramic view of Albury from the War Memorial
AlburyCity Collection (ARM 95.351)

High School, Albury

Photograph of Albury High School circa 1940
AlburyCity Collection (ARM 01.357)

Dean Street 1936

A black and white bought photograph looking West along Dean Street to Monument Hill. Taken from the intersection of Kiewa Street.
AlburyCity Collection (ARM 15.238)

Hume Dam Wall 1936

A black and white photograph of the completed Hume Dam wall with water flowing as viewed from hill above. 1936
AlburyCity Collection (ARM 00.330)

Taxidermy specimen of a platypus

A taxidermy specimen of a platypus.
Object Held by Museum & Social History Collection (ARM 15.343)

Taxidermied 7kg Murray Cod

Taxidermied 7kg Murray Cod on timber.
Object held by Museum and Social History Collection (ARM 07.201)


Uiver Image 1934
Held by Museum and Social History Collection ARM (85.405.126.a)