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Stall Holder Guidelines

At The QEII Twilight Markets we strive to offer our community and visitors high quality food, fresh produce and vibrant, boutique products, as well as an unforgettable experience. As such, we aim to attract a variety of passionate growers, makers and service providers who share our core values and overall message. So let us get to know a bit about you and what you do!

We're looking for stallholders whose products, services and stall offers the following attributes:

  • Innovative: consideration is given to the need for variety at the markets and the need to support niche industries
  • Unique: individuality in product
  • Quality: distinguishing characteristics or attributes, design and excellence in craftsmanship
  • Sustainability: demonstrated sustainability practices, products and/or services
  • Food: prepared, fresh or baked foods
  • Presentation: visual impact of product presentation and proposed stall layout, encouraging a positive image for the stallholder and the markets

Community and charity groups

We welcome charities and community groups to apply for a stall, free of charge, to raise the profile of the group or charity via the sale of quality products with an appropriate theme related to the organisation.

Interested parties must:

  1. be an incorporated not-for-profit community service organisation
  2. benefit the Albury community
  3. provide goods or a service that meets the stallholder criteria (as listed above).

Set-up times

Set-up is between 2.00pm to 5.00pm on market days. We suggest getting in early so you can present your stall at its best.

A fair go for all

We want to give our stallholders a fair go by making sure we limit the number of repeat or similar product lines. This way we keep the markets interesting and varied for market goers and give our stallholders every opportunity to benefit.


It's an outdoor market so we're at the mercy of the weather gods. In the event of inclement weather, the market will be cancelled. In this case, we'll let you know by 10.30am on the day of the market. You will be reimbursed for your site fee should AlburyCity cancel.


If for some unforeseen reason, you can't make it to the market - please let us know as early as you can. This way we can reallocate your site to someone else and we'll be able to keep the market nice and tidy – without any gaps.

Refunds will only be given in the case of advance notice. To be eligible for a refund, notice of your cancellation must be given to AlburyCity Events prior to the Sunday of the market. You will not be entitled to any refund if notice is given during the week of the market (Monday to Thursday).

Stallholder fees

Approved stallholders will receive an invoice from AlburyCity in the mail and be billed once for all selected markets. Stallholder site fees per market are as follows:
  • Art/craft/food producers:    
    • Single site, 3m x 3m - $36.00 incl. GST per market
    • Double site, 3m x 6m - $49.00 incl. GST per market
  • Take-away food and drink vendors:
    • $56.00 incl. GST per market

Public Liability cover

Public liability cover (minimum of $20,000,000) is required for stallholders who sell or provide products that can be eaten, ingested or applied.

Sustainability in action guidelines

View these guidelines on how you can contribute to our vision for all QEII Twilight Markets.

Market stallholders and exhibitors
  • Minimise packaging of your products, particularly soft plastics
  • Use packaging which is reusable, has recycled content, or is recyclable
  • Sort your waste for recycling (no provision is made for stallholder waste on-site, all waste generated from your site is to be taken off-site for appropriate sorting)
  • Use renewable energy to create your products e.g. solar panels or green power
  • Don’t display or give away balloons
Food and drink vendors
  • Accept BYO cups from customers, you may even like to offer a small discount to encourage this behaviour and pass on the saving
  • Don’t sell bottled water, free water is available at the venue
  • Provide paper straws, if required
  • Minimise packaging of your products
  • Purchase packaging with recycled content
  • Use local produce wherever practical
  • When preparing your food, collect and compost the scraps
  • If you offer compostable/biodegradable cups, cutlery and plates – consider providing a receptacle and collect these items to enable them to be composted

Terms and Conditions

  • Stallholders must be aged 18 years and over
  • Site fees must be paid in full by the 26 September 2019 or risk having sites released to other stallholders. Stallholders will not be able to commence bump in without full payment being received.
  • Site fees are not transferable if you are unable to attend the Market
  • Stallholder site fee refunds due to inability to attend the market will only be available if the applicant has provided notice to AlburyCity Events by the Sunday prior to the market
  • If the market is cancelled by AlburyCity, a full refund will be issued to the stallholder applicant
  • Only products and services approved by AlburyCity are permitted for sale and display
  • AlburyCity approval is required for the addition of new product and service lines
  • Sites are not to be sub-let by stallholders
  • Joint stallholders are permitted subject to approval by AlburyCity
  • Stallholders are to be in attendance at their allocated stall site by 5.00pm on Market days
  • Stallholders are advised that, prior to any structures being built/erected, approval is to be granted by AlburyCity
  • Stallholders must ensure that all stall equipment including structures, umbrellas, clothes racks and stock is adequately secured to prevent injury
  • Stallholders must confine their goods within the boundaries of their sites and no merchandise or signage is to protrude onto the footways or public areas
  • Stallholders are to make all reasonable endeavours to vacate their site no later than one hour after the official closing time of the Market
  • Sites shall be left clean by stallholders and waste generated from the stall is to be taken off-site by the stallholder for appropriate sorting
  • For powered sites, leads and appliances must be current and tested and tagged by a certified provider (call out fees will apply if your equipment is at fault and is the cause of a power failure)
  • If selling food, stallholders must comply with the requirements of the NSW Food Act 2003 including Australia New Zealand Food Standards Code (safe food handling practices, labelling etc.) and where applicable have a qualified Food Safety Supervisor
  • Spruiking and amplified noise is not permitted
  • Observe speed limit of 5km per hour within QEII Square
  • Vehicles are not permitted on-site during Market times, unless permitted by AlburyCity (5.00pm to 8.00pm)
  • No provision is made for the parking of stallholder vehicles
  • By providing your email address you are agreeing to receive information regarding the Market electronically

Stallholder application

Applications are open and close on Friday 20 September. You will receive an email to confirm the status of your application by Monday 30 September 2019.

Stallholder applications are assessed against the selection criteria and are approved at the discretion of AlburyCity. No preference is given to past stallholder attendance or the submission date of your application.

Please ensure when completing your application form, that any images / photographs submitted are no larger than 1MB per image.

For more information contact us

Mandy Bland
AlburyCity Events Officer

Phone: 02 6023 8761