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Community Energy Fund

Applications for the Community Energy Fund are now open for eligible lessees of AlburyCity buildings and facilities.

Applications for the Community Energy Fund are now open. Eligible lessees of AlburyCity buildings and facilities are invited to apply by noon Friday 28 January 2022.

Projects cannot commence until the successful applicants have been notified by us.

Project funding is limited to:

  1. Energy saving measure– Energy efficient upgrades to fixed lighting (e.g. LED downlights, security lights, and fluorescents replacements) and/or fixed equipment (e.g. Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning, hot water heat pumps).
  2. Renewable energy- e.g. installation of solar panels and/or batteries.

Please contact our Energy and Sustainability Officer on 02 6023 8111 to discuss your proposed application prior to submission.

What projects/programs are eligible?

Grant applications will receive a higher priority if the following criteria are demonstrated to be met:

  • Application made by a community group and/or not-for-profit whom leases the applicable AlburyCity asset.
  • A financial contribution from the Applicant or the applicant’s organisation to co-fund the project.
  • Encourages community participation in the project.
  • The project has been developed in consultation with other users of the facility.
  • Will create opportunities to enhance skills, improve social cohesion and connections, and increase community participation in activities at the facility.
  • Will provide opportunities for sections of the community that do not normally access programs or activities.
  • Has undertaken some form of assessment and/or identified potential energy saving measures for the facility.
  • Energy saving measures have been or will be completed prior to renewable energy systems being appropriately sized and installed.
  • Provide copies of electricity and/or gas invoices to Council for the past 12 months.
  • Commitment to provide electricity and/or gas invoices to Council for 2 years after completion of the project.
  • Commitment to provide Council with online access to PV system for monitoring purposes (where applicable).

Generally, grant applications will receive a lower priority if:

  • No financial or in- kind contribution from the Applicant to co-fund the project.
  • No additional social benefit to the community, particularly those that use the facility.
  • The AlburyCity facility is leased by a business operator; unless the applicant can demonstrate the financial saving will be passed on to facility users.

Funding will not be available for the following:

  • Buildings and Facilities that are not owned by AlburyCity
  • Applications that do not involve measures that will improve the energy efficiency or generate renewable energy at the facility.
  • A contribution towards operating costs.
  • An organisation with substantial unallocated financial resources.
  • Recurrent salary costs or contribution to salary costs of existing positions in an organisation.
  • Projects that are or have the potential to be entirely or significantly funded from other sources (e.g. fees or sponsorship).
  • Projects that are currently funded by AlburyCity, whether cash or in-kind.

Successful candidates will be required to undertake the following prior to the release of the grant funding:

  • Have a pre and post inspection of works with a Council Officer (subject to the facilities lease conditions) and
  • Provide a completed acquittal form to Council outlining how criteria conditions as outlined in the application form where met

Each application will be assessed by a panel with successful applicants having funds made available in the 2022/2023 financial year to assist in the completion of their project. Each applicant is required to directly pay the contractors invoice and AlburyCity will reimburse Council’s leaseholder post installation.

Many minor and low impact works don't need development of construction approval, as long as they fully comply with the exempt development standards as set out by the State Environmental Planning Policy (Exempt and Complying Development Codes) 2008. It’s important to be aware that although your building works may not need a development or construction approval from us, they may involve work that requires other types of approval. For example, if you’re undertaking plumbing works, you may need to apply for a plumbing approval.

How to apply

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