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Vendor Terms and Conditions

  1. By providing your email address you are agreeing to receive information regarding the event electronically.
  2. Vendors must be aged 18 years and over.
  3. Site fees must be paid in full, seven days prior to the match (31 December 2022) or risk having sites released to other vendors. Vendors will not be able to commence bump in without full payment being received by event organisers.
  4. Vendor site fee refunds due to inability to attend the event will be assessed on an individual basis where the applicant has provided notice to AlburyCity Leisure Team.
  5. If the event is cancelled, a full refund will be issued to the vendor applicant.
  6. In the event of reduction in event length, no refund is payable to the vendor.
  7. Only products and services approved by AlburyCity are permitted for sale and display.
  8. AlburyCity approval is required for the addition of new product and service lines.
  9. Sites are not to be sub-let by vendor.
  10. Joint vendors are permitted subject to approval by AlburyCity.
  11. Public liability cover (minimum of $20,000,000) is required for vendors who sell or provide products that can be eaten, ingested or applied.
  12. Public liability cover (minimum of $20,000,000) is required for vendors who sell or provide products that can be eaten, ingested or applied.
  13. Vendors are to be in attendance at their allocated site and operational during event times (2pm - 7.30pm, 31 December 2022).
  14. Vendors are advised that, prior to any structures being built/erected, approval is to be granted by AlburyCity.
  15. Vendors must ensure that all stall equipment including structures, umbrellas, clothes racks and stock is adequately secured to prevent injury.
  16. Vendors must confine their goods within the boundaries of their sites and no merchandise or signage is to protrude onto the footways or public areas.
  17. Vendors are responsible for their own cash security.
  18. No camping is permitted.
  19. Sites shall be left clean by vendors with all waste generated to be taken and disposed of off-site.
  20. Vendors will be advised of event bump in and bump out times closer to the event date.
  21. Spruiking and amplified noise is not permitted.
  22. Vehicle entering the site must obey the speed limit – 5km.
  23. Vehicles are not permitted on-site during event times, unless permitted by AlburyCity.
  24. No provision is made for the parking of vendor vehicles.
  25. For powered sites, leads and appliances must be current test and tagged by a certified provider (call out fees will apply if your equipment is at fault and is the cause of a power failure).
  26. The venue has various access limitation, please ensure you provide accurate details on site setup, vehicles and trailer dimensions required prior to event bump in; failure to detail this information may present difficulties on the day and as a result, prevent you from accessing the site..
  27. Exhibitors are responsible for any COVID compliance that may apply on the day, this includes social distancing and hygiene practices in and around your site.