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Event terms and conditions

As the designated event organiser you are responsible for all aspects of the activity including the co-ordination of staff, volunteers, contractors and the safety of participants and the general public on or around the event site.
  • The NSW Government has banned unnecessary and problematic plastics from 1 November 2022 to prevent 2.7 billion pieces of plastic litter from entering the environment over the next 20 years. This ban of single use plastics (including plastics labelled as biodegradable or compostable) includes cutlery, stirrers, straws, plates, and bowls and expanded polystyrene foodware. Please refer to their campaign, ‘Let’s Stop it and Swap it’ for full details of what is included, excluded, and exempt under the ban. You can also view our Single Use Plastic Policy
  • It is the organiser's responsibility to ascertain and comply with any obligations under the NSW Child Protection legal framework that may apply in particular circumstances of use of this AlburyCity facility
  • Be aware of and comply with the NSW food safety and hygiene legislation. This includes, but is not limited to, the Australia New Zealand Food Standards Code (specifically standards 3.2.2 & 3.2.3).
  • Any event involving alcohol consumption should be licensed via the appropriate authorities
  • No soliciting permitted
  • All signage must be removed at the conclusion of the activity
  • Parks must be left in a clean and tidy condition
  • The activity is not to restrict traffic or pedestrian movements on a roadway or footpath or within a public space
  • No vehicles, including trailers, are permitted on the grass or mulched areas – please communicate this to all event staff, volunteers and suppliers
  • No markings are to be applied to AlburyCity’s road network or paths unless authorised by AlburyCity
  • Construction or erection of a structure such as a marquee may only be carried out with Council approval and organisers should provide all appropriate OHS documentation and site plan prior to commencement of construction
  • Unreasonable noise must not be created. Any use of speakers for amplification purposes shall comply with the provisions of the protection of The Environment Operations Act 1997
  • If any authorised AlburyCity officer is satisfied upon complaint that a nuisance is being caused, the officer may direct the person or persons concerned to cease such nuisance immediately
  • The activity is not to restrict traffic or pedestrian movements on the concourse or footpath
  • Hot water or fat should not be disposed of on the lawns, gardens, paved areas or driveways
  • Food handling is to be in accordance with the Food Safety Standards, in particular references to food handling controls and health and hygiene requirements
  • Leads must be tested and tagged by a certified provider
  • Public liability insurance cover indemnifies Council against any claim arising as a result of the event being conducted on public land and the value of that cover

Car displays 

  • Ensure marshals are in place to manage parking and public safety within the space
  • Use zone one as primary parking area. If more space is required, you may spill into zone two
  • Ensure tree drip lines are kept clear of vehicles movement to minimise ground compaction around tree roots
  • Event vehicles only permitted. Please manage access points as instructed and ensure event area is closed to the public at the conclusion of the event