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Event terms and conditions

As the designated event organiser you are responsible for all aspects of the activity including the co-ordination of staff, volunteers, contractors and the safety of participants and the general public on or around the event site.
  • Parks must be left in a clean and tidy condition
  • The activity is not to restrict traffic or pedestrian movements on a roadway or footpath or within a public space
  • No vehicles, including trailers, are permitted on the grass or mulched areas – please communicate this to all event staff, volunteers and suppliers
  • No markings are to be applied to AlburyCity’s road network or paths unless authorised by AlburyCity
  • Construction or erection of a structure such as a marquee may only be carried out with Council approval and organisers should provide all appropriate OHS documentation and site plan prior to commencement of construction
  • Unreasonable noise must not be created. Any use of speakers for amplification purposes shall comply with the provisions of the protection of The Environment Operations Act 1997
  • If any authorised AlburyCity officer is satisfied upon complaint that a nuisance is being caused, the officer may direct the person or persons concerned to cease such nuisance immediately
  • The activity is not to restrict traffic or pedestrian movements on the concourse or footpath
  • Hot water or fat should not be disposed of on the lawns, gardens, paved areas or driveways
  • Food handling is to be in accordance with the Food Safety Standards, in particular references to food handling controls and health and hygiene requirements
  • Any event involving alcohol consumption should be licensed via the appropriate authorities
  • It is the organisers responsibility to ascertain and comply with any obligations under the NSW Child Protection legal framework that may apply in particular circumstances of use of this AlburyCity facility
  • Leads must be tested and tagged by a certified provider
  • Public liability insurance cover indemnifies Council against any claim arising as a result of the event being conducted on public land and the value of that cover
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