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Business and investment content guidelines

Our goal is to keep the Albury business community up-to-date with news and opportunities relevant to them.

To make sure contributions to the newsletter are fair for all, we've put together a list of guidelines for content.

Suitable Content

Content considered suitable for the AlburyCity business newsletter includes, but is not limited to:

  • Council services and projects relevant to business and industry.
  • Local, state or federal government news relevant to industry such as changes in legislation, major projects and upcoming events.
  • Grants and funding opportunities.
  • Networking, training and development opportunities offered through our partners such as Albury Northside Chamber of Commerce.
  • General business news, information and advice.
  • Business features, sharing the successes of local businesses.

We reserve the right to determine the suitability of content and will generally not include user-generated articles or promotional content for individual businesses.

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