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Commercial activities on public land guiding principles

An application for consent to conduct a commercial activity on public land must align to these principles.

Potential applicants should carefully consider the following principles and their relationship to the planned commercial activity.

1. Appropriate Location

Location is a key element in the consideration of a commercial activity. Operations are encouraged in locations that enhance the vibrancy and the social fabric of a particular public area or neighbourhood.

Commercial activities are required to meet guidelines that are specific to an individual location. Proposed locations should address:

  • Existing street or park furniture, playgrounds, off leash areas and other equipment

    Commercial operations should not encroach or limit free public access to any amenities or equipment in a public space

  • Footpaths, trails and roadways on or adjacent to sites

    Is the proposed site near a public roadway, path or trail? The activity should not limit access or use but may add to the experience of users

  • Parking availability

    Will prospective clients be able to park vehicles/bicycles nearby in a safe and orderly manner without disruption to others?

  • Safety of clients, staff and general public

  • Lighting on or around the site

    Is there existing lighting (or temporary lighting provided) to ensure that operators, staff or clients can access/egress the site safely during early morning/twilight periods if applicable?

  • Public amenities such as toilets

    Will clients be able to access amenities in reasonable proximity to the commercial activity – is this an important consideration?

  • Ease of access and location of entry and egress points

    Does the proposed activity zone provide ease of access to people with a disability or the elderly?

  • Frequency of use for activities such as public events or gatherings

    Applicants should carefully consider avoiding sites used frequently by others for public events or gatherings. AlburyCity reserves the right to re-locate or cancel commercial activities in lieu of a significant event or public or community gathering on any site.

  • Activities of neighbouring or adjacent businesses (fixed or temporary) or residences

    Applications should carefully consider activities of a similar nature in close proximity to the activity zone. Duplication of existing activities or services is unlikely to be approved.

In order to minimise any impact on surrounding stakeholders, communication is required prior to submission of your proposal. This is vital to the success of your proposed activity and approval of any public land commercial site. Please notify nearby owners and occupiers (if applicable) in writing outlining your ‘proposal’, (keeping in mind that your application has not been approved by AlburyCity). It is the applicant’s responsibility to ensure that adequate stakeholder notification is conducted.

2. Unique and Distinctive

AlburyCity has distinctive character with unique riverside parks and spaces. Commercial activities should be a natural extension of the city - innovative and distinctive designs, product offering and infrastructure is required.

Outline your approach to innovation and how your product and/or service is unique and distinctive. To better illustrate, attach product/service brochures and/or photos.

  • Is the product or service unique, interesting or distinctive?
  • What sets it apart from others?
  • Give examples of the attractiveness and/or high quality of the product offer in the EOI

3. Safety and Amenity

Commercial activities should be designed to create an attractive, comfortable and safe ambience for the public and should not compromise the public amenity.

Please provide details about:

  • Waste products and disposal, air and noise pollution (if any)
  • Is the proposed equipment, trading stall, mobile vending vehicle well-designed and maintained?
  • Is it safe to use and poses no risk to clients, staff or the general public?
  • Is the design and appearance of structures and equipment innovative and vibrant?
  • Is the proposed equipment structurally sound to be able to withstand prolonged exposure to various climatic conditions?

Applicants will need to demonstrate any specific safety measures to be incorporated e.g Occupational Health and Safety policy, food safety and risk management considerations

Health requirements may vary depending on your proposal. Applicants intending to serve food and drinks are required to consult with Environmental Health Officers about requirements in relation to the food safety and legislation.

4. Diverse and Engaging

Commercial activities should be engaging and diverse in nature. The ability to attract and engage people, particularly visitors to the city, can enhance the vitality of a public space and create a sense of interest and curiosity.

The variety and range of products, services and activities offered may be seasonally orientated. Should the applicant wish to operate on a seasonal basis for only say three or six months, choose trading periods carefully to maximise return on investment. Extension to nominated trading periods may need to be re-assessed and attract additional fees.

Should the applicant express interest in operating for the entire year, consider the suitability of the product or service for all seasons, changes to operating hours and weather conditions.

Describe how the product or activity will add to Albury’s visitor experience.

5. Sustainability

Sustainable commercial activity in the context of this policy encompasses an activity that is socially, environmentally and economically responsible. Applicants must consider and be able to demonstrate their ability to adhere to the following sustainability principles:

  • Financially Robust

    Applications should be able to demonstrate business readiness and have a sound and comprehensive business plan.

  • Socially Sustainable

    Applicants should demonstrate how the activity adds to Albury’s liveability, health and well-being and community development

  • Environmentally Sustainable

    Commercial activity applicants are encouraged to integrate environmentally friendly practices in their operations and should provide examples of how this will be achieved. Issues such as packaging, waste disposal and recycling should be considered.

6. Suitability of Activity

All commercial activity applications must be considered suitable and acceptable with regard to public appeal and amenity. The safety of those using or observing the activity is also paramount when considering suitability.

Criteria such as evidence of quality, noise levels, risk management and the use of dangerous goods will be assessed in relation to suitability.

Applicants sought will be energetic, dynamic, creative and adept at identifying niche market for locals and/or visitors.

Operators who demonstrate these qualities and a proven track record in providing commercial services on a regular basis will be preferred. This may include services from fixed premises or temporary or mobile outlets at major events or in other towns, cities or regions.

All applicants will need to include at least two trade references.