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Botanic Gardens conditions of use

Albury Botanic Gardens is open to the public every day of the year. To ensure the gardens are retained in pristine condition, we have developed the following conditions of use.


  • Application must be made in writing for use of Albury Botanic Gardens for large events.
  • Any event deemed to require public liability insurance should be covered to a minimum value of twenty million dollars ($20M). A copy of a current policy should accompany the application.
  • Event organisers are encouraged to have an alternative venue in the event of inclement weather. No refunds are payable if weather conditions prevent the event from going ahead, with less than 24hrs notice (see Fees, Charges and Bonds).
  • Albury Police is to be advised in writing of certain activities when stipulated.
  • Each application for usage will be treated on its merits and AlburyCity reserves the right to refuse or cancel an approval at any time pending the condition of the facility and/or extreme weather


  • Erection of any structure can be considered through the Garden’s Office on 02 6043 5699.
  • The activity is not to restrict traffic or pedestrian movements on the pathways or footpaths.
  • No wedding vehicles are allowed in the Albury Botanic Gardens.
  • Supply vehicles are only to be driven on paths and must be approved by AlburyCity.
  • Don’t tip hot water on the lawns, gardens or paved areas; it may be disposed of in path gutters. Cooking fats and oils are to be removed from the site.
  • Food Handling is to be in accordance with the Food Safety Standards, in particular reference to food handling controls and health and hygiene requirements.
  • Unreasonable noise must not be created that may disturb other visitors or surrounding residents outside or arranged times. Offensive noise will not be permitted at any time. Any use of speakers for amplification purposes shall comply with the provisions of the Protection of the Environment Operations Act 1997.
  • The Albury Botanic Gardens is an Alcohol Prohibited Zone. If you intend to consume alcohol at your wedding you must indicate this on your application. A $54.00 fee will be required to validate the consumption of alcohol approval. Events involving the sale of alcohol will require appropriate licensing from the Albury Licensing Court.

Fees, charges and bonds

  • A hire fee of $315.00 per session*, per area, (includes set up and dismantling time).
    (*A session is 4 hours – 3 sessions per day, maximum).
  • A bond fee of $600.00 per area is payable for major events (wedding receptions, private functions).
  • Charges apply for preparation such as irrigation marking, additional bins, barricading, etc.
  • The hire fee may be waived for community groups, charitable groups and not for profit organisations however, the appropriate preparation costs remain payable. Written request to ACC required
  • Access to power is available and is included in the hire fee.
  • Any restoration, clean up or damage costs will be carried out at the expense for the user (ie. out of bond for major events).
  • 24 hours notice of cancellation is required in order to receive a 50% refund.


  • No alcohol is to be carried or consumed within Albury Botanic Gardens without written permission of AlburyCity.
  • The Albury Botanic Gardens should be left in a neat and tidy condition with all litter disposed of.
  • Cycling, skateboarding, rollerblading, horses, ball sports and dogs are not permitted in the Albury Botanic Gardens.

Considerations when using the Albury Botanic Gardens

  • Do not pick flowers, or damage plants in any way.
  • Do not use confetti for weddings; rice and rose petals are acceptable.
  • Do not drag garden furniture across the turf.
  • Use pathways or lawn areas rather than walking across garden beds