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What are the fees for inspection and approval to operate?

The Inspection fee ($155) and Approval to Operate fee ($410) already exist within the AlburyCity’s fees and charges framework. They have yet to be applied because there has been no inspection program in place.

The Approval to Operate fee is being waived for existing systems.

As a part of the first round of inspections, owners will receive an approval for a length of time (5, 10 & 15 years) based on their risk rating.

The fee for the on-site sewage management (OSSM) system inspections aligns with Councils other health inspection fees (such as for food, skin penetration, public pool and cooling tower inspection). The amount has also been benchmarked against our neighbouring councils, with some Councils attaching on-site sewer related fees to the rates notice of properties with septic systems.  Council considers the fee for service a fairer approach and more consistent with other health inspection fees. Especially if, for example, the system is rated as low risk and the inspection is only required every 15 years.